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Energy Consulting for Commerical

We provide a comprehensive report into how you use your energy. With

this information we are then able to advise a range of solutions and strategies on how you can reduce your energy costs.

Solar Solutions for Residential & Commercial

We provide a range of options when it comes to Solar energy and installation. Sizing a quality system that is right for your needs is our specialty. As well as providing you with options and systems that are at different price points to best suit your budgets.

LED Lighting Upgrades for Commercial

The installation of LED lights will not only save you on energy costs, but will enhance the light output. This will also give you better light quality whilst also reducing your maintenance costs.



Smooth Energy Solutions is an independent commercial energy solutions business that specialises in implementing strategies to reduce our clients energy consumption.


With a holistic approach to the energy sector we are able to cover all facets of electricity consumption, therefore providing our clients with market knowledge and product education. This will allow them to understand the risks and options available when faced with the task of optimising their energy bills.


Smooth Energy has put together a team of 50 years+ experience in the electricity & utilities sector and aims to deliver a high quality service with an emphasis on real time monitoring and information. Our industry knowledge and passion for delivering quality customer service is why our clients trust us


Make the smooth switch and discover quality options when it comes to achieving Net Zero Carbon.







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